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Testing Electronic Components - Review

Reviewer: David Grant
Rating: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
Ebook Reviewed: Testing Electronic Components

Will ' Testing Electronics Components by Jestine Yong ' really help you?

One of the most crucial parts of fixing guitar amps or anything electronic is testing electronic components correctly.

I have checked out this guide and have found it extremely good for the beginner, and as a refresher for the professional engineer.

I've not found such a practical guide on the internet anywhere before. There's plenty of theory around but it's not always easy to understand, so what Jestine Yong has done is to put together really useful, practical books with much needed techniques that will help you understand how to test suspect electronic components and fix your gear quickly and easily. 

Learn how to test electronic components now...


Testing Electronic Components

Here are just a few of the subjects Included in
The Testing Electronic Components eBook:

Step By Step Instructions (167 pages)

Full Colour Photos (about 190 + photos) to remove the guesswork! 

Discover the right way to discharge capacitors
Find out which meter to use to test capacitors that breakdown when under load

Cover the electronic components like Fuse, Resistor, Capacitor (non-polar and electrolytic), LED, Diode, Schottky Diode, Zener Diode, Bridge Rectifier, Coils/Inductor, Crystal, Switches, Transformer (Linear and Switch Mode), Voltage Regulator IC, Bipolar Transistor, Field Effect Transistor (FET), Darlington Transistor, Horizontal Output Transistor, Optoisolator IC, Relay, Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) and Triac.

How you can easily read and calculate the resistor and capacitor coding
How to read zener diodes and transistors part number
You Will Learn How to Use Analogue and Digital Multimeters to Perform Voltage, Current, Resistance and Continuity Testing. 

 Learn how to test electronic components now...

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How To Speed Up On Testing Electronic Components

Exposed- Electronic Components That Breakdown When Under Full Load

How To Easily Repair Intermittent Problems In Electronic Circuits

Electronic Components - Discover Why Electronic Components Surrounding Integrated Circuits (IC) Are Important In Electronic Troubleshooting

'The Importance of Voltage Testing That Every Electronic Repairers Should Know'

The Art Of Success in Electronic Servicing.

'Testing Electronic Components Email Consultation'

Learn how to test electronic components now...

Here is a list of contents for Testing Electronic Components

  1. Safety First. page 6
  2. Understanding Analogue and Digital Multimeters. page 13
  3. How to Test AC/DC Voltage. page 17
  4. How to Perform Current Test. page 24
  5. Continuity Test. page 28
  6. Resistance and Resistors. page 30
  7. Resistor Colour Code Calculation. page 32
  8. Testing Resistors. page 37
  9. Testing Variable Resistors. page 45
  10. Testing Fuses. page 50
  11. Testing Coils and Inductors. page 55
  12. Testing Switches. page 60
  13. Testing Diodes. page 63
  14. Testing Bridge Rectifiers. page 67
  15. Testing Light Emitting Diodes (LED). page 71
  16. Testing Zener Diodes. page 73
  17. Linear Transformer. page 76
  18. Testing Switch Mode Power Transformer. page 83
  19. Understanding Capacitors. page 89
  20. How to Discharge Capacitors. page 94
  21. Testing Capacitors. page 98
  22. Testing Capacitors that breakdown under full load. page 103
  23. Testing Ceramic Capacitors. page 106
  24. Testing Voltage Regulators. page 109
  25. Testing Optoisolator. page 113
  26. Testing Transistors. page 117
  27. Testing Field Effect Transistors (FET). page 130
  28. Testing Darlington Transistors. page 134
  29. Testing Horizontal Output Transformer. page 142
  30. Testing Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR). page 146
  31. Testing Triacs. page 150
  32. Testing Crystals. page 152
  33. Testing Relays. page 159
  34. Technical Books for Reference. page 166
  35. Conclusion. page 167

Jestine has produced a fantastic universal resource what ever field of electronics you may be in. If you want to fix your own, or other people's equipment, this book is a 'must have,' after all, knowing how to test an electronic component is a basic requirement of servicing.

I give Testing Electronic Components by Jestine Yong 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars  Click here to  get the book now

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